#RoastAManno ep.3: Jason Flanery – Killer Cop – 0311 Instructor

Mugshot of Jason Flanery-Arrested after crashing squad car while high on cocaine

A month and a half after Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, another killer cop struck, by the name of Jason Flanery. He shot VonDeritt Myers on October 8th, 2014 while he was moonlighting in his police uniform as a security officer.  According to the 272 page police report, eyewitnesses state Flanery shot first, but the officer of course stated that VonDeritt shot first. This is an ongoing case, and he’ll have to appear in court on May 14th, 2018 for the wrongful death of VonDeritt Myers. What we find important in the case is the fact that Flanery was not on police duty, he was on security detail for a private company. He was wearing his St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department uniform, and identified himself as officer of St. Louis Police. He fired his department-issued weapon. What is also important is that he took it upon himself to chase people around in the neighborhood that was outside of the area he was hired to patrol for the security company, because he felt they looked suspicious, and they ran. Then he decided that the suspicious people, after having been pursued, must have gone back and put on jackets to look different. So he tried to confront who he thought was these people he chased for no reason, identifying himself, by his own statement, as a St. Louis police officer. Who he confronted was VonDeritt and his friends who had been doing nothing wrong, they had just gone to the store, then went to get jackets for the October evening. Flanery confronted VonDeritt, which angered VonDeritt – for good reason, he hadn’t been doing anything wrong – then gunfire was exchanged, and Flanery got to go home. VonDeritt was sent to a morgue. As far as the police department should be concerned, Flanery was a civilian at that point, but was acting and identifying as an officer. However, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department allows this kind of moonlighting, and they extend the officer’s personal use of department-owned equipment to this kind of work. In our opinion, civil servant life and second job life should be separated. Regardless of this grey area, there’s more that we need to know about Jason Flanery.


Jason Flanery should have never been hired by St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

Jason Flanery was convicted in 2001 for the unlawful use of a weapon. He was hired in 2008 with this type of conviction, even though other applicants were passed over for minor city violations. Four months before his killing VonDeritt, Flanery’s partner James Zwilling fired his gun at some black teens and tried to save his job by charging Kenyon Bennett with having aimed his gun at Zwilling. The year following Flanery killing VonDeritt, having been kept on the police force, he failed a drug test, but his only punishment was being sent home.

He also failed to pay his personal property taxes in 2015 (and again in 2017), which landed him in court. Finally, he decided to resign after having gotten drunk and coked up and went for a drive in his police vehicle, then crashed it and left the scene of the accident. The police dragged their feet in getting his blood to test, since he refused a breathalyzer test, and several hours later it was still well above Missouri’s legal limit.


Racist gun nut still on the loose

During the year anniversary of the Mike Brown protests, SLMPD shot and killed Mansur Ball-Bey in the back. When the community came out to protest, police put Jason Flanery on the front line filming well known activists.  This was no coincidence.  Sgt. Brian Rossamanno knew exactly what he was doing when he put Flanery on the line that day, just 10 months after he killed Myers.*


But enough about this shining example of a bad cop and his career laid out by permissiveness, let’s explore some more about who this former Marine seemed to be. By several accounts, he is very racist and Islamophobic, and obsessed with heavy firepower. You can find a direct statement of character here, which starts out with the introduction of

Jason Flannery is the most racist person and the most racist cop I’ve ever met.

Wow, living in St. Louis, it’s difficult to not have seen some police racism, so that’s a pretty strong statement. And it only gets worse from there. Next, we’ll look at some screenshots grabbed before his accounts were deleted. He also had a pretty big thing for guns. “I’ll see your Jihad, and I’ll raise you one Crusade.” “Islam will perish.” “#preparetokillthemall #bloodforblood”

He also seems to really like rapid-fire grenade launchers while he was in Iraq:


So, with all this having been put out there, it’s pretty obvious that Flanery is somewhat unhinged. However, Brian Rossomanno seems to think that this type of unstable person is just what his team of instructors needs. So 0311 proudly employs Jason Flanery. They tweeted a picture of him as an instructor. He’s the guy on the right:

So here it is folks, #RiotKing Sgt. Brian Rossomanno and Cpt. Mike Deeba co-owners of 0311 Tactical Solutions LLC, keep people such as this shining example of humanity Jason Flanery in their employ. Oh, I will add that Deeba is also a major influence on keeping Flanery on the force long after he should have been canned. More to come? You bet.

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*Editors Note: In a previous version of this post, the picture of Flanery filming protesters originally showed him on the riot line a month after Myers was killed. The pictures were found to be from a month before and since updated.

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