St. Louis Mayor Replaces Public Town Halls With Private Meetings

St. Louis Mayoral Candidate Lyda Krewson had no problem answering questions on Reddit in 2016


St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson, in a letter posted via social media just hours before her town hall meeting on September 19th, canceled the open forum. In a post on TheDailyHaze about this very subject, I likened her ineffective communication as “Nero fiddles while Rome burns.” She stated repeatedly in her letter “I hear you,” yet refused to do exactly that: Hear us by allowing us to air our feelings and grievances in a public forum. She stated that police misconduct is being reviewed – by themselves of course – yet we’ve seen that the police continue to be hostile, and nothing has been done. She also admitted that there is institutional racism within the city, but that was an observation that even the blindest person can see. She closed her letter stating “After much consideration, we are postponing our Town Halls for this week because they are happening in the streets and in my inbox and on social media right now. We are listening. I hear you.” And that’s the last mention we get of any town hall. She has secluded herself from the public that she was elected to represent, and very much owes conversation to.

Instead of a town hall, she meets with a small group

Recently we have been sent some pictures of Mayor Krewson having her own little meeting two days after this letter of cancellation, with people she chose to speak with.  Her town halls are now apparently regulated to coffee with selected people at McDonald’s.

Troubled mayor is troubled by her brutal police department

Instead of direct responses to very real complaints, she posts another letter via social media on September 27th about how troubling it is that people are complaining about “the St. Louis City Police Department’s response to the civil disobedience over the past week and a half.” She goes on to state “These are troubling and difficult allegations, and it is important to determine if they are merited…” Hello Lyda, welcome to, where it’s all been recorded via daily live streams. We’ll be glad to point you in the direction of merit for allegations. If it’s not too troubling for your troubled mind. There are several posts on this site about night 3, where protesters, media, undercover police, and local residents are all swooped into a kettle and tortured. Here is RebZ’s full footage of the events leading up to and including the brutality, as well as this video, this video, this video, and this video of the same night. Yes, they are merited. Yet nothing is done, kettles and mass arrests continue, with the media and legal observers being arrested first. Which is illegal. Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks was caught in this latest one, and was in contact Mayor Krewson, which is obviously a veritable feat.

She then responds in her ineffectual, bland manner about how troubled she is.

Lyda Krewson is obviously entirely too troubled to meet with the general public. She needs to resign, an actual effective response to the demand by the people she continues to put off. We need an adequate mayor who will properly respond and take command, instead of this incompetent person who hides from the public.


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