#RoastAManno ep.2: 0311 Tactical Solutions Isn’t a Solo Venture

Police in Illinois participating in 0311 Tactical Solutions training exercises

In our previous post, we talked about St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s severe conflict of interest by employing their own #RiotKing Sergeant Brian Rossomanno’s national security contracting firm, 0311 Tactical Solutions, LLC, to train their officers in military tactical combat skills. According to 0311’s poorly redacted website, the police department made it mandatory for all of their employees to receive 0311’s training. While we know the Good Ol’ Boys Club runs strong behind that thin blue line, it can be fairly difficult to be an outsider to dig into how deep that rabbit hole goes, even with being fairly clever in researching. But fear not, our cleverness, in conjunction with patience and diligence, does indeed pay off.

SLMPD’s Captain Mike Deeba is the co-owner of 0311 Tactical Solutions, LLC. Cpt. Deeba has been investigated within the last year for signing off on payroll records stating that injured officers were at work, when they were actually at home recouping from injuries received in the line of duty and receiving workman’s comp. This very much begs the question of who signs the paychecks for this police department? And why are they allowed to continue to do so, and even get promoted for this fraudulent behavior? I would assume it would be the same “who” that allows an owner of 0311 to hire his own company and mandate training contracted from his company.

Why does St. Louis city allow this strong conflict of interest to continue? No regular business would ever allow such things to happen. This reeks of scandal from the top down, and there is entirely too much taxpayer money being passed out by people whose interests are too self-serving to be accountable for this behavior. In an article posted just last month by the Post Dispatch, they stated that 40% of the city’s general fund is spent on policing and corrections. Forty percent of city funding is put into militarizing an institution that was never meant to be militarized, which is turned around to be used against regular citizens who aren’t harming anything or anyone. St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has the third highest police budget – yet remains one of the highest crime cities – in the US. And Captain Mike Deeba seems to be just the guy to write off such discretionary spending to line his own pockets, as well as the pockets of officers already receiving benefits.

Some other things we’ve seen about Cpt. Mike Deeba was his involvement in charges for sexual harassment, having stated that her charges were frivolous. He then gave the officer pressing charges unfavorable shifts, different evaluations on reviews, and denying her time off for training that had been granted to others. His punishment was promotion. He was also involved in an investigation over missing 2006 World Series tickets, which appears that he didn’t follow the chain of custody very well.

We will continue to tell the public about this private security training firm that is so deeply in bed with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department that it seems to fairly well be overrun by it. And we’re not the first to point this out; it’s been shouted out for  years. But the conflict of interest continues, and the city continues to fund it. With your money.

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